Mole Extermination

Moles dig tunnels in your lawn that damages it and leaves grass roots exposed that can kill the grass. Moles dig these holes to look for their food which is earthworm. Moles are not carriers of any specific disease that can harm humans but still they are excellent carriers of external pests and parasites. 

How to deal with moles

When dealing with moles professional assistance is recommended. Depending on the amount of tunnels and moles on the property. There are several steps you can take to try and minimize a mole problem and help prevent them from targeting your lawn or garden as a potential residence. These methods may or may not prove to be effective, contacting a professional is the only proven solution for mole removal.

  • It is believed that due to a perfect sense of smell, certain scents can help deter moles from properties. Repellents with a castor oil base tend to be the most popular but has never been replicated after the first study. The theory is that spraying a mixture of castor oil and dish soap on your lawn and around tunnels monthly or after rains moles will be less likely to invade the property.
  • Planting chocolate lilies and garlic plants have been touted as an efficient repellent for moles. The best part of this method is the ingredients are all natural and provide no danger to pets that may be curious.
  • Removing the moles food source, white grubs and earthworms, through the use of pesticides with the active ingredient trichlorfon or carbaryl will help cut down the grub populations within your lawn. It is recommended that it is done in the fall and given adequate water.
  • Anti-mole gel is a poisonous mole attractant that can quickly and painlessly dispatch or deter moles. This fast-acting formula is supplied in syringes, making placement easy. By finding active tunnel entrances, one can concentrate the poison more effectively.
  • Traps are a considered a human and inexpensive way to deal with a mole problem. By placing a can at tunnel level, moles are more apt to venture into it.
  • One old-fashioned method for trapping moles involves running a garden hose into the entrance of a mole tunnel. In theory, the water begins coursing through the tunnel the mole will make haste to escape through the exit. With help, another individual can wait and trap the mole. Unfortunately, moles have been found to tolerate water in most instances.
  • Ultrasonic devices have become popular in recent times. The idea of an ultrasonic devices is that by producing underground pulses rodents, and moles, will be irritated by the noise and will move to a quieter location.
  • The effectiveness of these methods has not been proven. All attempts to use these methods are done at the risk of the individual. Though these are common suggestions given through various online mediums, DIY repellants can be ineffective and sometimes dangerous. It is important to read all directions and safety warnings if attempting these methods. The best option for mole removal will always be to call a professional.

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